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What to expect from Office in 2020

We have seen a lot of changes in Microsoft Office, and one of the biggest changes in the recent years has been the Microsoft Office’s User interface. The user interface came from flimsy look to clear minimal look.

With the up-gradation, Microsoft has taken huge steps to improve the user interface and features. Microsoft has also introduced touch support and now has also enabled support for Touch pens and other devices. There are a lot of other things that matter to us now that are included in Microsoft Office.Though we expect a lot of things from Microsoft Office in their next major release, We think that Microsoft might release a major update in 2020 and will put the whole software on Cloud. As we can see, Microsoft is moving to a cloud-oriented platform and is ready to put all the software on the cloud platform, this will make sure that most the customers get quick and easy access too. Though we need to see how will they strategies the launch of their new product and what hints will come across 2019. There are a lot of chances that Microsoft will change the user interface.There are too many things too look out for, and while we wait for the new major update, We should be getting some hints from the Microsoft Office and the insiders. There are speculations that Microsoft might introduce new apps and we think there is a good possibility that Microsoft Might add some cool new apps that might make Office suite even better. There is also a good possibility that Microsoft might add some new features to Microsoft Publisher and will improve the productivity in sway and teams too.Not just it, Microsoft will also improve the email experience and will also remove most of the bugs that hinder while installing office and will also remove the bugs that are already present in the office suite. Microsoft might change the pricing and we can’t say anything about that as the pricing might be changed in various sectors too.Thought Microsoft has planned to remove the cloud support entirely from office 2016, which means that we wont be able to connect to Microsoft office from Oct 13, 2020.