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What if the virus hits Office?

We all know, Virus is bad for us, For humans, Animals and for Computers too. A virus is a program that can make your computer slow, freezy and can even crash it.

A virus is also programmed to run programs automatically and steal data. Though a virus is dangerous for us, the possibility of having a virus on your PC is only when you have a program that has bugs and security back doors.

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There are a lot of viruses that go around and have been around since the computer was invented but there have always been programs to save you from them. The Anti Virus exactly works like a vaccine and prevents your computer from virus attacks and data theft. If you run a company are you are having a problem with your computer and there is no visible reason for it, there is a thick chance of having a virus on your computer that is slowing it down.
There is a chance that you are running software or you might have accidentally clicked an ad that auto downloaded a file on your computer that has run the virus file and is now on your computer and affecting it. These viruses, programmed by Hackers and cybercriminals have not even spared our beloved Microsoft Office. They are always on work to search for new bugs and security breaches in the Office network and cloud system so that they can steal the files. The office was also recently making rounds in the news for one such virus. Though there are ways, such as anti-virus and anti-malware programs that can save you from it but what if the Office gets hit with a virus that can hack your computer. How can that be prevented?

Let us face it, Microsoft cares about its customers more than anything, Because that why Microsoft is one of the most reputed companies in the world. Not just that but Microsoft keeps on finding new bugs and fixing the bugs before these bugs are exploited, in case if someone finds the bugs before Microsoft does, Microsoft has the workforce to release a new update within few hours of the effect of the bug. So we know that Microsoft will take care of us before anyone tries to snap into our device and take our important or more importantly secret files. There is a basic chance that this will happen. But for now we should be prepared with this, There are many features that you can use to prevent any damage. You should always have a back of your files on your separate hard disk and the cloud files should have a password on it, alternatively for prevention, so that no one can open your files.

Not just that but there are thousands of antivirus software that can stop anyone from accessing your files and should keep hackers and viruses away from your PC. This is not just it, there is a network between Microsoft and Office on your device that interacts with each other if anything occurs to the office program, This gives Microsoft a heads up to save you from the drastic event that might occur.