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The design language of Office

Microsoft has grown into a big company and has been updating and improving the design language of their products since day 1.

This also applies to the best productivity tool we have in market. The Microsoft Office, Microsoft has added a scheme of the colors and that is depicted in the logos of The Microsoft Office applications. Since 1983, Microsoft Office has developed a beautiful and big software. It has been leading the Productivity market.

The colors on Microsoft Office Logos also mean the color of the app that you are going to launch. They have used the different colors for every app included in the Microsoft Office. The colors in the Microsoft Office app are.

Microsoft Office Word has a blue color and runs along with the scheme and has the same app color in the interface, Powerpoint has the orange palette and the Microsoft Excel has the Green palette and the Access is in the red shade to it. Whereas the new apps, Outlook has a sky blue palette to it, and the Microsoft One Note has the purple color. And publisher, sway and forms have the teal color palette added to it. These apps don’t just have these colors added to the logos but to the whole interface to differentiate them from each app you have opened on the device you are using.

The top bar and the bottom have not changed but it has turned from the grad color of silver and dark shade of silver to a clean minimalist design with a slight change from grad colors to the basic minimalist palette. This is not the end of the Microsofts design language. But Microsoft is improving every day and creating a beautiful and great design language for their products that make it more comfortable and a treat to your eyes.