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Microsoft to focus and divert customers to Cloud Oriented Softwares?

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies on the planet with a great number of Customer base around the globe and almost in every country that has computer.

If you have never used a computer but heard of the one you might have heard about the operating system is Windows or somehow the computer is related to Microsoft. Microsoft has been the market leader and is one of the greatest companies that really care about their customers for real and does not put any stress on their customer base in any case. Microsoft has been developing software’s not just for companies and businesses but has been a general public company for a long time. Microsoft is really one of the most updated and living companies that actually has most of the products they first launched still running and in demand. 
Not just that, Microsoft, since the first has bought a lot of other companies to make its domain a bigger one. Microsoft has bought many apps and companies they could.

New-Office365-Icons -
Microsoft Office New icons

Since the first day of Microsoft Office there is a good demand for the software and has been one of the best-selling software for Microsoft, but things have changed since then and Microsoft has grown even into a bigger company, So Microsoft has now decided to put their customer base on cloud by launching Microsoft Office 365 and they have reassured the cloud operation by launching the new icons.

That is not just it, their new icons depict the new work they have put in office is for the future and the work they have put in Microsoft Office. With all the new features, Microsoft has put this effort of putting this cloud-oriented program, to divert the customer towards the real-time usage of Office to run from any device anywhere. For many of us, it might seem like a lame idea. But this can totally change the game, you can be able to work from Home on an Office laptop and the work will be totally Realtime. This can solve many issues with the file sharing too and space it takes on the device you are using it can also be minimized. Not just that but the new cloud-oriented program can also make it easier for us to present and print files or export files to the locations that need a hectic transfer.