Select Page – We all have been using services from Microsoft for a long time and the prime focus has always been on Microsoft Office or Windows.

This time the Microsoft has hidden something from us and the best part is that we can have it all and still get the best out of one subscription only. Microsoft Office 365 has a video streaming service included with it and it is really easy to access though we don’t know if it was announced officially but we have accidentally found that the service is live and has been live for quite some time. The content on this service is not different from what other Microsoft Services but the services do run smoothly and you will get used to it.

The best part about this hidden service is that you can use it without any extra expense or any up-gradation to your current plan. This being the best part. There is no limit to the video service as of now but the service can be further taken into strict plans and pricing so you might want to enjoy it for now. If you already have the Microsoft office 365 and want to use the service you simply log in and use it. This service is only available with Office 365, which means this is not sold separately or the services are not provided separately.

If you do not have the Microsoft Office 365 or any other subscription you can simply buy it from or and get started with the Office Setup and Subscription. Though you need to buy a subscription for yourself and you need to get started with the work.